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We believe that our rich experience in digital services is to enable your church to spread the message of the Gospel. Soar Productions has been actively serving and training Christian organisations with website maintenance, live stream set up and customised solution.

Our offer to churches

Website Design & Management

Your church website is an open door to newcomers. We create multilingual and welcoming websites to attract new visitors. Our website maintenance service provides content update for your website to keep your church information up-to-date while allow you to focus on your ministry.

Live Streaming & Online Meeting

Setting up your church service live stream, providing your church the best platform for small group and fellowships. We are here to help you stay connected with your church congregation.

Tech Support

Our technical support provides remote support to solve your computer issues and consultation for technological equipment purchase. Making sure you are getting the equipment that you need in your budget.

Why Soar Productions?

Understand the operation of churches and charities

Actively serving local and international communities

5+ years of experience in the industry

Competitive charity pricing for all services

Provide the same high quality service as we offer to businesses

We believe our resources should fund the Kingdom

See who we are serving

Let's expand together

Each church and charity is different, we can provide you with the most suitable and tailored solution to help you stay connected to your congregation.

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